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August 4, 2007

Receipt of OQOs for testing TabletXP head-to-head against Vista Business

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I have receive this month a new OQO model 02 Best (1.5 Ghz VIA EstherC7M processor, 1GB RAM) with Verizon EVDO Rev. 0 card (internal) and Vista Business Edition for the OS.

I ordered this from BuildyourUMPC at as they have the best deals, promotions, and discounted accessory bundles currently available for the OQO 02 … bar none.   I tried other OQO third-party resellers and was less than impressed, especially with one vendor which tacked on high last-minute shipping and handling charges in the shopping cart.

Adam and his crew at are passionate about UMPCs, especially the OQO.   During my pre-order phase, I mentioned to Adam my concerns about choosing the best operating system for Dragon NaturallySpeaking for my new OQO.   After all, this was to be my main PC for medical and general speech recognition.   

My pernicious questions: 

(1) Many bloggers have had good results with Dragon NatuallySpeaking version 9 and Windows XP on the OQO 2, but similar data on Vista and the OQO 2 was just not there.   Would Vista’s perks such as ReadyBoost and better memory management compensate for greater CPU and RAM load compared to Windows XP ?

(2) And what about comparison of audio input methods?   Bluetooth headsets, USB noise-cancelling headsets, and the OQO’s built-in omnidirectional mike were all contenders….which ones would work?  Which ones would actually work in real life situations?

Adam agreed that these questions deserved some answers.  So, when I ordered the Vista OQO, Adam sent it to me, and also tossed in the shipping box a second evaluation unit….an OQO Best with Windows XP Tablet edition.   This was for my nefarious scheme of comparative testing of Vista head-to-head vs. TabletXP for Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition performance. 

The advantage of having two machines  is the ability to do simultaneous head-to-head testing of real-time speech recognition for the built-in mike….I dictate once, and watch both machines simultaneously churn out transcription (or choke in the attempt!).  Easy comparison of speed and accuracy, knowing that variations in my dictation clarity or pace will not add yet another variable to skew the results.  And it sure speeds up testing not having to switch between OS with a dual boot configuration!

 The Results?  Read on…



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